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July 29, 2013 / stevebaer

Switching to WordPress

Wow, it has been almost two years since my last blog post.

Why has it been so long?  Well… one reason is that I was pretty sick and tired of our old vbulletin server that we used for hosting Rhino.Python forums (and my old blog.)  It just always felt like it was in a holding pattern waiting to be replaced by something better.  Guess that was true since we’ve now switched over to discourse ( as our discussion platform.  I couldn’t be happier with how discourse is performing as a place to bring a bunch of Rhino related conversations together.

but… discourse is not a blog engine.

That’s fine, I don’t think the guys at discourse need to start rolling all of these content management system features into their software.  Let them focus on doing what they do so they can do it really well.  I looked around for a while at the blogging systems out there and decided to have my blog running on wordpress (it also didn’t hurt to know that David Rutten is using wordpress and I’m sure he spent time making sure the blog had all of the features he wanted.)

So far all I’ve done was migrate the old vbulletin blog posts over here, but I’m already liking what I’m seeing from this blogging engine.

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